Introduction: 3D Ice Speed Skates

I made this because I am part of a skating team so I thought it would be simple if I 3D printed a skate.


· I got a roof and turned it 180 degrees

· I then stretched it to 121mm long and 4mm wide

· I then got two boxes and set them to 15mm long, 4mm wide, and 25mm high

· I then spread them apart on the upside–down roof (blade)

· Next I got a round roof and set it to 19mm long, 20mm wide, and 25mm high

· After that I cut a sphere in half and set it to 16mm long, and 25mm high

· I duplicated it and put it on the edges of the round roof (boot)

· I then got a box and set it to 52mm high, long, and wide

· After that, I cut under the box and cut the round roof (boot) at an angle

· I used a cylinder and set it to 27mm long, 10mm wide, and 20mm high and I used it to cut close to the edges of the round roof (boot)

· I used a thin tube and connected it to the back of the boot

· Then I put “laces” on the boot but they were round roof of varying sizes and put them in the curved part of the boot

· Lastly, I put the merry on one side of the skate and x-mas on the other.

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