Introduction: Pete the Penguin

We chose a penguin with a Houston sign on it as a design and

a scarf. We originally chose to do a wreath with a horse inside and a little bow on top but we couldn’t figure out how to do a horse. The reason we chose to do a penguin is because we started messing around and decided to make a penguin then added the little Houston sign. Penguins and a scarf also have to do with winter and the little Houston sign also represents Houston Middle.For our design we are making a penguin holding a Houston sign

with a scarf.

Steps to make it are:

A black oval for the body A white oval right in the middle of the black one to represent the belly Either a sphere, half sphere, or a flattened cylinder for the head. For the nose you could use an orange cone. For the eyes you could use the same items for the head. If you want arms you could use the paraboloid. Last for the penguin is the feet and you can use the chick foot under extras.

The few next steps are on how to make the Houston sign the penguin will hold:

1. First you could use a box and shape it as a rectangle.

2. You find the letters to spell Houston and place them on the “sign” and you’re done.

The last steps are on how to make the scarf:

1. We used 2 boxes then shaped it a certain way.

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