Introduction: 3D KEVA Challenge 1: Lemonade Stand

Welcome to 3D KEVA Challenge! Are you up for it?

Each 3D KEVA Challenge will present the learner with a set of 3 views (Top, Front, and Right). Using these views alone the challenge is to position your KEVA Planks in a way that matches the views.

A single KEVA Plank has been placed on the workplane for you to get started. (need part to prevent scaling)

When ready you can check your solution to confirm your build was successful.


    1. Review the challenge image above.
    2. Use the plank provided on the workplane to complete the challenge.
    3. Copy and paste or duplicate the existing plank. Create as many planks as you need to complete the challenge.
    4. Move, rotate, or change the color of your planks to help with the design.
    5. Think you have the challenge complete?
    6. Continue to the next step to check your work.

Step 1: Use the Hints to Check Your Work

Use the hints to check your work.


    1. Select all your KEVA Plank shapes.
    2. Move selected shapes to the hints on the screen.
    3. Review your work to see if any of your planks are out of position.
    4. If you find any planks out of position, take some time to reposition them now.
    5. Continue to the next step for the solution.