Introduction: 3D Modeled Planter

3D Modeling is an amazing tool, and fortunately, it is widely available to many.

I will be using Fusion 360 to model my pot, you can get it here

Although 3D modeling software can be expensive, if you are a student you can get a free three-year activation by signing up with your student email. If you aren't fortunate enough to have access to the student license, you can still use a free trial that will be more than enough to create a pot.

Of course, you can always use other 3D modeling software if you know how to use it better, but for the purpose of this Instructable, I will be using Fusion 360.

Finally, remember to save every couple of steps!!!! You don't want to lose any progress you may have made!

P.S. Ctrl+S on the keyboard will save

Step 1: The Base

Of course, first, open up and sign into Fusion 360.

Then, you will want to create a bass sketch on one of the planes as shown in the first picture. Be sure to add some variety to your designs, as you want it to be creative as possible!

After you are happy with your sketch you can use the Revolve tool to give it shape. Make sure you revolve it around the axis that it is centered around.

Pro Tip: If you are ever unhappy with how the model turned out, you can right-click your sketch, in the bottom left-hand corner, and click "edit sketch." Here you will be able to change how it looks, and it will easily update when you click "Stop Sketch."

Step 2: Separating the Bodies

This step is super easy and quick to do, so no worries!

Simply click the "Offset Plane" button, and move it with the arrow to how far you would like it from the top or bottom.

Then, under the modify tab, you can click the "Split Body" button. Simply select the body you would like to split, and the plane you would like to use to intersect the two, and you're good to go.

Step 3: Hollowing the Center

First, click the two bodies that you created when you split the original and disable them so they're invisible.

The next step is not necessarily difficult, it is simply possible to mess up easier than the other steps.

Next, use the "Shell" tool to hollow out the inside of the body by clicking the top and the bottom, and dragging the arrow as far as possible.

Now, be careful at this part, as sometimes if you drag too far Fusion 360 can become unresponsive and crash, or you can just get errors.

Step 4: Adding Details and Finihsing Up

This step is quick and simple again, just enable the top and bottom bodies again.

First, you can Fillet (press F) or Chamfer (Click the "Chamfer" button) the edges to give it a nicer look.

Then, you can create a new sketch on the top and the bottom, draw a circle roughly the size of the hole from the original body and extrude (Press E or the "Extrude" Button). Now you have a place to put your dirt in from the top, as well as a place for water to leak out instead of drowning the plant.

Finally, feel free to create a new sketch on the front of the part, as seen in the 5th screenshot, to add some fun designs.

Don't forget to Fillet and Chamfer the sides, don't want any sharp edges!

Have fun! And thank you for reading!

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