Introduction: 3D PRINTED UFO


This is my first instructable,

My sister had a flying fairy which she broke last week, So i get various materials from it like chip, motor ,sensor.

So at that time i got an idea to build some interesting thing like UFO from my 3D printer.

So i started designing and will share with you the whole process.

Things require :

3D Printer :

Circuit : Flying Fairy

DC Motor :



Now we are good to go

Step 1: Designing

In the first step i started designing UFO body on Fusion 360, I am new to fusion 360 and it is quite easy that after learning for 1 week, i am able to design well and even 3D print that thing.

In just 2 hours , i have completed my design of UFO which you can see in images and the files are attached as well.

Before designing , i read various books on aerodynamics , center of gravity, fluid dynamics, weight ratio etc ( Basics)

I got a good idea about all things and the knowledge really helped me a lot in designing.

I recommend all of you to take the basic knowledge related to these topics may be you can design this in a better way.


After setting up the code to 3d printer, we have got these object which you can see in the images.

The wings which are attached with the base are really very delicate , so i will recommend all to treat it in a delicate manner.

As when i was finishing this piece the lower ring come out suddenly and the whole efforts got wasted.

after that we tried to stick it with glue but the weight got increase due to which it was not able to fly and started vibrating.

Step 3: Fixing the Circuit

Now is the time to fix the circuit accordingly.,

In the base i have kept the motor which will support maintain the center of gravity.

Above that i have fixed the circuit board and at the op i have fixed the battery.

I have ordered the propeller from Aliexpress :

We just need to fix the whole setup and cover the circuit with the cap that we have designed.

Step 4: Flying the UFO

In last we will be flying our UFO which we have designed from the circuit and motor of flying fairly.

i took the whole photographs of orange PLA UFO but in this video i am flying the UFO with green PLA.

Actually the orange UFO broke at the time of finishing and i again i printed with green PLA.

Thank you

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