Introduction: 3D Paper Snowflake / Flower

This is an Origami 3D paper snowflake / flower and can be used for decoration purposes.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

Gather your materials together. Your materials are scissors, tape, a stapler, and most importantly paper. It can be any type of paper, preferably square shaped paper.

Step 2: Paper Snowflake / Flower

The first materials that you would need are paper and scissors. I am going to be using 8.5” x 11” size paper. Like this is rectangular I am going to have to use the scissors to cut the paper into an even size square.

Step 3: Paper Snowflake / Flower

In this step you will make a square by folding the paper and connecting the top left corner to the bottom of the paper to where it can make a square it is going to measure 8.5” x 8.5”. When you’re done folding it cute the remaining bottom of the paper that is not folded because it will not be needed.

Step 4: Paper Snowflake / Flower

When you have cut the remaining part of the paper you will fold the square paper in half to be able to do the next few steps.

Step 5: Paper Snowflake / Flower

After folding the paper once you will fold the paper again the same way as the first time to make an even smaller triangle.

Step 6: Paper Snowflake / Flower

You can draw 3 or 4 lines in the triangle to the side where it’s not open.

Step 7: Paper Snowflake / Flower

When you are done drawing the lines you are going to cut cut directly on the lines making 3 or 4 even lines on the triangle.

Step 8: Paper Snowflake / Flower

After you cut your lines open up you paper and it should look something like this. (With lines on both side)

Step 9: Paper Snowflake / Flower

Grab your clear or whatever tape you have to be able to do the next step.

Step 10: Paper Snowflake / Flower

Grab the middle smaller flaps and grab a small piece of tape and tape the corners together to be able to make this shape.

Step 11: Paper Snowflake / Flower

After you have done step #10 you will grap the next paper line flap and instead of taping it the same direction as the other one you are going to tape it on the opposite direction. D0 NOT fold the flaps completely leave a space between them like a round oval/ circle.

Step 12: Paper Snowflake / Flower

You will repeat step #11 for the next few flaps that you have left. REMEMBER the the flaps on the opposite side like a pattern. I you had cut 3 lines you would have 2 flaps on either side, if you cut 4 you would have 3 on one side and 2 on the other.

Step 13: Paper Snowflake / Flower

You will repeat steps 3-12 about 6 times or how ever many paper snowflakes you want to make the full snowflake.

Step 14: Paper Snowflake / Flower

Grab 3 of the petals and staple them together by the end corners of the petals. Again it’s just depending on how many petals you have.

Step 15: Paper Snowflake / Flower

Do what you did in step #14 to the remaining petals. Grab both of the staples corners and staple them together to make the shape of the snowflake / flower.

Step 16: YOU ARE DONE!!

YOU ARE DONE!! Your results should look something like this. A white 3D snowflake / flower!