Introduction: 3D Print Canon Hotshoe Mount Adapter

I wanted to make a hotshoe adapter for my Canon DSLR. I didn't see any on Instructables but I did see a few on other websites. I wanted to design and print something that will act as two purposes.
  1. Cover the contact points. I'm surprised Canon does not provide this, on the other hand, Nikon provides them standard.
  2. I wanted to design it in a way that will allow me to attach my own enclosures that interface with the camera.
I am designing a digital time lapse device that will take pictures every x seconds. It also keeps a counter of total pictures as well as total time of the timelapse if encoded at 25 fps. I will be posting this time lapse project in the near future. 

Step 1: Design

I used AutoCAD 123D to design my adapter. You can see below with the design. Also attached is the project file.I exported it as .stl file then used Makerbot Replicator to print the object.

Step 2: Conclusion

With the object completely printed, it is time to try it out! Hopefully, it works! The design came out as I had imagined. The time lapse enclosure fits perfectly and snaps right in. Once in, it is very stable.

Just imagine the endless possibilities with this adapter, you can virtually mount almost anything!

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