Introduction: 3D Print a Kindle Stand

Hello everybody,

In this video I am gonna 3d print a stand for every kindle, e-book reader, tablet or smartphone.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Step 1: 3d Modeling

I start this project with modeling the part in 3d software called solidworks.

I didn’t have any special design in mind so I just created a simple one that is gonna match well with my kindle.

Thickness of the walls are gonna be the same and I also apply a fillet of 5 mm to most of the edges.

You can download a free stl. File of a stand in the description below or get solidworks files on my website.

At the end of course, I had to put my logo in it and the part was now ready to be printed.

Step 2: Slicing and Printing

In the slicing software, I added a small support that is gonna help to stabilize the back part while printing.

I have a prusa i3 3d printer and it took around 3 h 30min to print it.

Step 3: Post Processing

After 3 hours, the stand was ready for some post processing.

I firstly removed the bottom skirt and a few retraction strings.

Some areas were a bit rough so a smart trick to smooth the surface is to slightly sand it at first and then use a heat pistol to remelt tiny particles of PLA and make them glossy again.

Be careful not to completely melt the stand and after that leave it aside to cool down and there we have it guys.

The center of gravity is perfectly in the middle so there shouldn’t be any problems with tipping over.

Thank you for reading this quick instructable, hope it helps you or at least inspire you to start making something ;)

Be sure to check a video tutorial as well

Step 4: Watch a Video