Introduction: Make a Live Youtube Subscribe Counter

What is up everybody, In this instructable I am going to show you how I made a very simple youtube subscriber counter for less than 5$

Step 1: 3D Modeling + Parts

I firstly made a quick 3d model in a program called solidworks, just to determine all measurements and final render image.

- Led Strips:

- 8 Digit Display:

- ESP8266 WIFI board:

Step 2: Building Frame

The frame is very simple. I just cut a few wooden blocks down to a length and cut a 45° angle, so I can join them together.

- I also cut 2x 3mm plywood boards on which I engrave my logo as well as a hole for the 8- digit display.

- After that I connect everything together as you can see on a circuit diagram and install all components in the previously built frame box.

Step 3: Programing and Final Touches

Now, I connect our ESP8266 board to a computer and upload this simple program, where you have to change a few lines such as:


-your Network ID and password and youtube API key.(there are plenty other tutorials for that.)

-After that just upload that to esp and the subscribe number should appear on the display.

- Before I assemble it together I painted it in black and that is it!

Step 4: Watch a Video