3D Print a Stencil

Introduction: 3D Print a Stencil

In this Instructable, You'll learn how to take Inkscape, with any Stencil Font, take to Freecad, and make a 3D printed Stencil.

Step 1: Write the Blurb

You just write the words...

Step 2: Make It a Path

Select Object to Path

Step 3: Break Apart

Then, break it

Step 4: Back to Object, Ungroup

Out of the Menu Part, back to the Menu Object, ungroup, for good measure...

Step 5: Save That As SVG

Just save your text as a SVG file, and out to FreeCad, next!

Step 6: Import to FreeCad

Take that SVG, and import it as Geometry

Step 7: Here It Is

Now, the letters should be a bunch of Paths...

Step 8: Draft Menu

Go to the Draft Men

Step 9: Select Each Part

Start to select each separate part...

Step 10: Draft Menu, and Upgrade It

Go top the Draft Menu, and upgrade the parts

Step 11: Select and Extrude

On the Part Menu, extrude the selected part

Step 12: It Goes Up!

The part is extruded, exaggerated height, just for demo

Step 13: It Goes On...

You get this, MOST of the time...

Step 14: These That Won't Upgrade...

But some parts might NOT Upgrade... Stinkers.

Just go and Downgrade!

Step 15: It Goes Down!

It's extruded

Step 16: Move It

Just move the thing now, to align to the others...

Step 17: All Extruded, and Moved, If Need

Will look like this

Step 18: Make the Back

Make a Cube, and sized it at need, DON'T make that on Inkscape, it will be a pain to extrude.

Step 19: Align All

Align all parts, ready for the cutting...

Step 20: Select and Cut

Chose first the back, then the part, and select Cut

Step 21: It Should End Up This Way...

Yes, it SHOULD, but if one part won't cut...

Step 22: Exaggerate

If some won't cut, make the part very higher than the back, so it goes out of it, up and down,and it will cut!

Step 23: Select the Finish Stencil, and Export As Stl

Now, export it, and take it to your Printer

Step 24: There You Have It!

Frankly, print it larger, but hey, it's this that you'll get!

Happy Stenciling!

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    3 years ago

    What's not there to use it for? :) Signaling ways to somewhere, Blog's addresses, funny messages, box "this way up" signaling, "belongs to" sign, equipment numbering, etc.

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Nice job! What are you going to use this for?