3D Print Cutter Retractable Knife

Introduction: 3D Print Cutter Retractable Knife

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Cutter Retractable Knife
the idea is :

I want printing a cutter retractable blade without screw and glue assembly.

Four part assembly very simply 1 minute maximum.

Step 1: 3d Printable Cutter Retractable Knife

global step watch video :)

Step 2: Print Time

total time printing 3h10

Step 3: Four Parts

after printing you have four parts

Step 4: Step 1

Assembly this two small parts.

Step 5: Step 2

very easy to do

Step 6: Step 3

install inside a slider,(side for spring) view a picture.

Step 7: Step 4

install blade (carrefull, blade is dangerous)

Step 8: Step 5

Use a last part to slide over a part with blade, check for the knob pass correctly.

Step 9: Step 6

Try sliding a blade work correctly.

now all step is finish you have a cutter retractable blade :)

you can download file here:


full review about me here:


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