Introduction: 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker

The Tea Maker includes CODE and Making Tea. This quick DIY that took us one afternoon to make, can change your life! Try it! Learn how to use Onshape (CAD software) and Arduino code!

Step 1: Design

When designing your Tea Maker, fit it to the biggest size mug that you have. This makes it so you can make tea with any size mug. You need a spot for a servo motor and an IR sensor. You can purchase them at very low costs at places like Click Here to Visit Alibaba

TIP - Before you start printing, make sure that all of the parts are printable. Go through this checklist,

1. No huge overhangs.

2. Add supports where they belong.

3. Clean your 3D printer extruder.

4. Level your 3D printer bed. For this step you can use the paper technique. We have a tutorial of how to do that on our YouTube channel. Click Here to Watch the Video

Step 2: Code It

We coded this in the Arduino IDE for an Arduino Uno - Code is attached
Before Setup
  1. Include the servo library - this lets you use the functions
  2. Make variables for the TRIG pin and ECHO pin

Inside Setup

  1. Make a servo
  2. Start the Serial (9600 BAUD)
  3. Set the pinModes

Inside the loop

  1. Make variables for the duration and distance
  2. Do the math to find the distance in cms
  3. if(distance < 4 && distance > 1){
  4. Call the dip function

Dip Function

  1. Swing the servo from 0 to 180 and back to 0

*In the video we say Seconds what we mean is MicroSeconds

1,000,000 MicroSeconds is 1 second!

*With the Arduino Delay function (Milliseconds) 1000 is 1 second, so delay(10) equates to 100th of a second

Step 3: TESTING!!! YAY

Before inserting a mug, put your hand in front of the IR sensor to make sure it works.

When testing, make sure that your on a dry and clean surface.

Put some paper towels inside of your Tea Maker just in case the water splashes a bit.

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