Introduction: 3D Printed Aztec Pyramid Plant Pot

During last few weeks of the quarantine I'm trying to keep myself busy, so I'm practising Fusion 360. My wife came up with the idea of an Aztec themed pot, so I have decided to go ahead and make it :)


- PLA (preferably Marble PLA)

- Soil

- Grass seeds


- 3D printer


- Cura or any other slicing software

Step 1: 3D Design

It took me only few of hours to create 3D model in Fusion 360. After that, I had to choose material and colour. I have decided to print it in PLA as it's one of the easiest materials to print, especially if this Aztec pot is mainly for indoor use.

Few years ago at TCT show (3D printing exhibition) I have received a sample of a Marble PLA and I really loved it. After printing a sample vase, which actually looked like a real marble, I have decided to print my Aztec pot in this material.

Marble PLA is commonly available and it's only slightly more expensive than a regular PLA therefore, I highly recommend it for this project.

Step 2: 3D Printing

I have uploaded few STL files below. One is entire Aztec pot as one part, so you can print it at one go. If you have access to printers larger than standard, you can use that file.

If you wish to print this pot in large size, then you can use the sliced STL files (original model split into 4 pieces) and then glue all parts together.

Recommended printing settings:

- Speed: 50mm/s - 70mm/s

- Temperature: 200C - 210C

- Infill: 20% - 25%

- Layer resolution: 0.2mm - 0.26mm

I'm using Cura for slicing, which is a really good and free slicing software. You can find more details about the printing settings in one of my previous Instructables:

Step 3: Sowing

After printing the pot, put soil inside it and then sow grass seeds. If you decide to print larger version, the pot will be big enough to plant larger plants or flowers like pansies.

For next few days, keep watering the seeds and try to keep it in sunny and warm place, to give the grass best conditions to grow fast. On the picture above, you can see grass after 4 days.

Hopefully, after couple more weeks the grass will be green and dense :)

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