Introduction: Scrap Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker / Cheap / 3Dprinted /

Hello, I wanted to build something with old salvaged parts and I really wanted a quality Bluetooth speaker, because they are really expensive I decided to build one. It´s surprisingly loud and bass rich. It used up one 1kg spool of filament, designed to be printed without supports. Only thing I bought is on off switch for 1€, 20W Amp for 5€ and PLA filament for 18€, all other parts were salvaged from scrap.

Step 1: Recycled Parts List

Hello, I managed to salvage some parts from my old speakers. The mid speakers are 80mm in diameter and tweeters are 28mm wide also from old speaker. The power is delivered by 10.000mAh battery with protection circuit/charging circuit, from my old powerbank. Everything except the case of the speaker and amp board are salvaged parts from scrap.

2x 80mm mid 5W 4Ohm Speakers

2x 28mm 5W 4Ohm Tweeters

1x 10.000 mAh, output 5V 3A, with charging circuit

1x on off switch

2x passive radiator

-2m of wire

*Also I should mention, this requires some basic soldering skills, I´m not an electrician*

Step 2: Amp

I used this amp in my build because I wanted to build a Bluetooth speaker:

Step 3: Assembly

First I connected everything together to check if it works, then I used hot glue to secure the board, battery and charging board. All other parts are glued together with B-7000 glue (it´s commonly used as phone screen adhesive), everything has to be sealed in order for passive radiators to works, I also used old stuffing from pillow to enhance the audio quality.

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