Introduction: 3D Printed CLOCK

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I love 3D Printing. It gives as ability to create our own design, the way we like. So I made this Clock for my room. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Design & Printing

I designed this in AutoDesk Fusion 360 which is an awesome powerful tool. Sliced it and CURA and printed it on my 3D Printer Anycubic i3 Mega ( Highly recommended) .

This design consists of 4 parts.

The Clock Face, Face Ring, Numbers and Stand. I printed the Face ring and numbers in different color to contrast it and look much more appealing, as can be seen in the Video.

You can Download the files from Thingiverse

Step 2: Assembling

First I used super glue to stick the numbers to the Clock face. Then I used Hot glue to mount the Clock machine (I used from old clock) .

Then add the Stand to the the Clock. in the end, attach the Ring to the Clock face in anyway you like, either side or on top or bottom. Just try Different Position.

Step 3: Completion & Verdict

This Clock came out pretty good. You can try endless combination of color to go with the clock.
This can also be mount on wall using simple back hook.

The design possibility if endless with this Idea. If you know how to design, you can make it Square instead of circle with rectangular ring. Multiple Ring can be added to it.. so on...

Hope you enjoyed the process and Liked this Project :)

Do Watch the Video

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