Introduction: Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine With 2 Drinks

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I loved the Idea of Having Fountain machine on my desk. I love to make things so making one for myself was the only option.

The only requirement apart from basic functionality was It MUST be good looking.

So I came up with this design and color. Enjoy the Instructable.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required and Cost

Items used to build this project

1) Plastic Board

2) Motor Airpump x 2

3) Buttons x 2

4) Tubes and wires

5) Led light and wires

Tools Required

1) Hot Glue Gun

2) Soldering machine etc


Around $15

Step 2: Assembly and Powering

Making the Enclosure.

Plastic board was cut into sizes, with enough space to hold 2 cans of Coca cola or 2 half liter bottles.

I cut 2 holes to push the tubes through which the drink will come out and 2 holes for push buttons to activate the motor airpumps.

I hot glues these pieces (as shown in the video) and the structure was ready.

The inside can be accessed through a big door behind the Enclosure or from the top by opening the lid.

Wiring and Powering

2 air pumps are wired together with 2 switch, one push button for each motors. 1 LED light is added to illuminate the glass holder place.

I thought of well before starting this project so everything can be powered by 5v USB power, which gives so much flexibility.

This is way, this machine can be powered by Power banks, Mobile phones like Galaxy S8 or other OTG supporting phones, Laptops, (Macbooks), Wall power bricks etc. basically anything which can output 5v currents.

Step 3: Completion and Running

After all the wiring and adding Cans of Coca Colas Its time to push the buttons and Enjoy the drinks.

If you notice, I made 2 drink options. 1 is for normal coca cola and another for Diet or Zero version of it.

Any Drink combination can be added to this. even water if you want.

It came out very cool, both in looks and performance. Now Its on my Desk and I'm using this regularly.

Do Check the Video above to see how it works.

Hope you enjoyed the process and Liked this Project :) I think everyone should have one of these.

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