Introduction: 3D-Printed Class Tokens for D&D/Role Playing

Have you ever played D&D or your favorite role-playing game, and the DM draws a map, but instead of figurines your use dice or game markers? Well, I have and I didn't want to spend money to get an stl file from Hero Forge or get an expensive figurine, so I just designed markers to use, and by following this guide, you can too. All you need is fusion 360, inventor, or another similar CAD design program and a 3D-Printer.

Step 1: Base

Let's start with the base, draw a circle, I made mine .5 inches across, then extrude it .1 inches.

Step 2: Symbol

The next step is to make the symbol, Now the example I am using for this is a Fighter/Barbarian Token so I did two swords crossed. I just drew the symbol, then I extruded it .1 inches.

Step 3: Emphasize the Symbol

now, this is an optional step, depending on your symbol. I made a new sketch, and I outlined only my symbol and not the ring, and then I extruded .02inches so it stuck out a tiny bit.

Step 4: 3D-Print

Next you 3D-Print it and play D&D or your favorite role-playing game. Have Fun!

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