Introduction: Origami TI-Fighter

Today we will make an origami Star Wars TI-fighter. It is in 3 parts, the wings and the body then putting them together.

Step 1: Supplies

1. 3 pieces of ordinary printer paper.

2. 1 roll of tape

3. black colored pencil or marker

Step 2: Part 1: the Body

This is making a paper balloon except, I drew a TI-Fighter window on it. so if you know how to make a paper balloon, you can skip to part 2.

Step 3: Step 1: Beginning Folds

For the main body, you have to have a square piece of paper, to do this fold the corner over until it lines up with the opposite edge. Once you have done this, cut the bottom extra paper off and discard or save for some other project. After you have the square, fold it both ways diagonally and horizontally. After you have the beginning folds finished, you can draw the window.

Step 4: Step 2: Special Folds

In order to fold the triangle, pinch one of the horizontal folds on either side of the middle and push flat. After you have done this, you should have a triangle that's made up of four flaps. Next, fold two of the flaps so the corner lines up with the middle point. Flip over and repeat. After this, fold the point on either side to the middle, like in the picture. Flip to other side and repeat.

Step 5: Step 3: Complicated Folds

Now for the fun Part. First we need to make a crease to make it look better in the end. (See Pictures for help) first unfold the corners folded to the middle. Then fold the corners lined up with the top down and line those up with the crease. Press down then unfold and refold the corners towards the middle. When you've done this, stick the flaps into the the pocket in the middle of the corners. Then turn over and repeat with the back. After this secure it with a little tape.

Step 6: Step 5: Blowing Up Your Paper Balloon.

Pick up your balloon, and put the end opposite of the end you drew on in your mouth. Now do a quick sharp puff of air, this should blow it up somewhat, then keep blowing to fill out the entire balloon. Once done, crease the edges until it looks like a big cube.

Step 7: Part 2: the Wings.

In this part we are making a design for wings that I accidentally figured out. You have to repeat this part twice to make both wings.

Step 8: Step 1: Beginning Folds

First we are going to make a paper pirates hat, fold the paper in quarters, then unfold once so its in half with the folded edge facing up. Once you've done this, fold the corners to the middle. There should be some paper left at the bottom. Fold up that flap and unfold. Then fold over the corners of the flap so they're hidden when you refold it. Do the same on the back.

Step 9: Step 2: Complicated Folds

Now, open up the bottom of the hat and fold it the opposite way (See pics for help) and press it down. you should have a square. Fold up the corners on both sides so it's a triangle again and do the same fold. You should have another square. You should be able to open it up into a boat. Now fold the boat cabin under the flap on the inside. This creates a chomper thing. You then, fold the corners down so it creates a hexagon. Then you fold the tips over so it creates a mini diamond in the center. After that, you decorate it to look like a TI-Fighter wing and put a piece of tape to secure it.

Step 10: Part 3: Putting It Together

This is where your pieces start looking like a TI-Fighter.

Step 11: Step 1: Putting It Together

You should have 3 pieces. 2 wings and a body. Take the body and put it on its side with the window facing forward. Put a rolled up piece of tape on that side and align the body with where you want it on the wing. Use some more tape to secure it. Then repeat with the other wing.

Step 12: Your Done!!

Now you have a paper TI-Fighter that you made yourself.

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