Introduction: 3D Printed Coffee Filter Holder

My husband and I love having coffee in the morning and he likes the ritual of making coffee with his Chemex.

The only problem was that when he took the filter out, he didn't want to pour hot coffee grounds directly into the trash or sitting out on the counter to leak out and make a mess. So we came up with this solution of creating a clean and sleek filter holder that catches the hot drippings.

You can easily customize the STL file with different cutouts on the side.


3D printer


Step 1: Create 3D Object File

Your measures can be customized to fit the filter. We went with this design to add some visual appeal with the hexagons. This also has the side effect of saving on some filament.

Measurements are as follows:

  • 130mm Diameter
  • 100mm Tall
  • 5mm Bottom Lip

Step 2: Print Your Holder

In the picture we went with a Carbon Fiber PLA for the clean matte finish but any type of PLA filament will work. So far it has held up quite well!

Step 3: Last and Final Step

Make a fresh pot of coffee and test out the holder!

If you end up making one let us know and share a picture or two.

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