Introduction: 3D Printed Flipper Crossbow

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Bigger, better and fully 3D printed flipper crossbow. Based on the woodlands survival flipper (somehow disappeared over the years) a unique crossbow design that used pulley and elastic bands. 3 years ago I posted my first design on here and it was forgotten.

This time the whole assembly is 3D printed.
The concept/objective of this crossbow is to be fully 3D printed and assembled with a bunch of screws, strings and bands.

This crossbow have a custom pitcanny rail on the top and bottom. (It won't fit other attachments as its smaller)
Removable trigger housing
Changeable rail to Shoot different projectile.

The power of the crossbow comes from the bands. So more bands = more power.

As of now the crossbow is 80% complete.
Feed backs are welcome!

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need:
3D printer with print area with at least 220mm x 150mm
M3 screws and nuts
Tap and tap wrench (cut threads to the print)
File / sandpaper.
Fishing line ( nylon works. I'm using a different type of fishing line)
Elastic bands.

I use a flash forge creator pro to print my parts.
I also use simplify3D as my slicer.

50% infill for all the parts except the pins, trigger and cam are printed at 100% infill.

Step 2: Printing the Parts

There are total of 25 parts

all of the parts are printed with 50% infill and only the pins are printed 100% all at 0.2 layer height

Parrts list:

  1. Body
  2. Bow Limb x2
  3. crossbar
  4. crossbar right
  5. btm pulley x2
  6. Pulley x2
  7. Pin x2
  8. Band Puller
  9. bow rail back
  10. bow rail
  11. handle
  12. Housing pin x2 (not necessary to print)
  13. Arrow rest
  14. 2.5 pin x2
  15. Picatnniy Rail
  16. Trigger cam
  17. Trigger housing plate
  18. Trigger housing
  19. Trigger leaver ( just names dont judge)

Step 3: Stringing the Crossbow

Top String
  • Tie a loop and secure the string to the crossbar screw (outer most)
  • loop through the pulleys to the other crossbar screw (loose knot use the nut to tighten on the string to adjust)
  • cock the crossbow and adjust the lenght of the string.

Bottom String

  • while the crossbow is still cocked turn over
  • string the band puller
  • same as the top string, tie a loop and put to the Bow Limb screw
  • line with the 2 pulley and tie a adjustable knot on the other Bow Limb
  • add a Band and pull the Adjustable side till the required pull lenght.