Introduction: 3D Printed Guitalele (6 String Ukulele)

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- 3D printer with a 300x200 mm printing surface

- PLA filament in various colours

- Machine heads

- Guitalele strings (6 string ukuelele)

- Files

- I used Fusion 360 to design the instrument and used some parameters so I could change the measures of it according to the string spacing, string length, etc. I have made public my project so you are free to copy it and remake whatever you need to do in Fusion 360. In hit link to Fusion 360 model so you can edit and customize:

Step 1: 3D Print the Parts

You will need a 3D printer with a wider bed (300x200 mm) to be able to print de main body.

Basically, the parts are made from PLA because it is easy to print and can be more easily recicled.

Step 2: Assemble the Neck

As the neck is bigger than the 3D printer bed I had to redesign it to be printed in 2 pieces that have to be glued. I made a mortised join so it had more strength.

Also important is that the first prototype neck twisted with the tension of the strings, so I added two channels so I could glue two metallic rods.

I have used a gel cyanoacrylate because it glues PLA very well and fills the gaps.

Step 3: Glue All the Parts

Step 4: Install All the Components

Step 5: Thanks to MotionLab (Berlin)

I made this project while being a coworker at MotionLab in Berlin. Probably the best place to prototype a project like this because I had easy access to all the resources like 3D printers, laser cutter and even cnc router.

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