Introduction: 3D Printed Key Holder With TinkerCAD

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I am the kind of guys who loose all the time his keys. At home, at work, in my car... I loose them so often that my assistant at work decided to keep one key of my office in her desk. They are never far away but I never find them and loose more time to discover where they are gone.

To solve this issue, I did lately a very simple project on TinkerCAD in the field of a mooc. I love TinkerCAD because it is so easy to do simple CAD with it.

I wanted some key holders for my office: When I arrive, I hang my keys and thus know exactly where they are. As I wanted it to be funnier as usual key holders I decided to 3D print it (I love 3D printing!!!)

From a base that I made available on TinkerCAD, I have designed a dragon-like key holder.

Let's look at it!

What you will need:

  • a computer with an internet access
  • an Autodesk account to log on TinkerCAD
  • a 3D printer or access to a printing service such as... let's say Shapeways!
  • some imagination ;-)
  • your keys of course!!

Let's go!

Step 1: Designing Your Key Holder With TinkerCAD

From a simple base, I have designed a dragon-like key holder merging forms and holes just as TinkerCAD allows to do it.

You can have the full design on TinkerCAD

TinkerCAD will allow you to extract the GCODE and print it easily.

From the available base, you can design your very own key holder as well.

Step 2: Print It Jack!

I have printed my key holder on a PRUSA reprap i3 I have built in October last year.

I used CURA to slice it and it took less than an hour (I have printed two pieces as you can see on the photo so for 2 pieces about 2 hours). It is pretty long because the design made it full of PLA. Due to the geometry, you can't really set a fill ratio that will save you time and PLA ;-)

Step 3: Final Result

The final result I obtained is pretty good. After a bit of finishing it was a perfect holder for my office's looker keys!

Today it is double sided taped on my office's wall and used everyday for more than 3 months now.


It didn't solve my loosing-keys issue at 100% but at least I don't loose time to find them when I am work ;-)

Thanks for reading this I'tables.

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