Introduction: Formula One Marble Race Circuit

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Are you Ready to race?

So much fun are awainting you and your family with this Formula One Marble Race Circuit.

As a Young kid my mum used to build this for me. That was a lot of fun and I was psending hours playing with my friends.

I decided to build one for my sons and guess what... they are spending so much time on this!

Let's see how we can build a Formula One Marble Race Circuit from trash!

Step 1: Prepare Your Material

First you will need a large cardboard box. Mine is coming from a new TV set that I recently bought. It is pretty large and stiff.

Use a utility knife to cut it and keep one large side safe.

In addition to the cardboard you will need the rest of the foam gasket you recently used on your Windows. You always buy meters of them but only need some. Here you have a good way to use the rest of it.

Then you can use whatever your imagination will give you to make the race funnier. I personnaly used a gluegun, cardboard rolls out of kitchen paper, some polystiren blocks etc... All of this will help to make the race more insteresting by adding obstacles.

Step 2: Build Your Marble Race Circuit

Now you need to step back and think.

Foam gasket will serve to establish the track while cardboard rolls will simulate tunnels or bridges (in my case tunnels).

Imagine your circuit, draw it on a paper if needed.

Then build it with the foam gasket. You need to optimize your design to fit to the available surface and make it difficult enough with chicanes, tunnels, hard turns, long straight run etc...

I personnaly used carboard as side walls to optimze the playground area and the foam gasket. I used the glue gun to fix the cardboard rolls as tunnels.

I also used two layers of gasket in the hard turns to avoid the marble to go out of the track too easily.

Step 3: Finish It and Race!

To make the race faster and easir to play I had some instructions on the "road".

I also add some illustrations such as trees, grass etc... to make it funnier and more beautiful.

Once done, let's race now.

You can either position your circuit on the ground or on a table

Take your marbles.

Gentlemen start your engine !!

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