Introduction: 3D Printed Music Stand

3D printed music stand with adjustable height and angle.

Step 1: Components Required

  • PLA Filament
  • PVC - 1(Outer diameter: 20mm, Inner diameter: 18mm)
  • PVC - 2(Outer diameter: 25mm, Inner diameter: 21mm)
  • M6 Nut and Bolt with Washer * 1
  • M5 Nut and Bolt * 1
  • M3 Nut and bolt * 4
  • Exam pad or 5mm MDF
  • 2 Compound adhesive

Step 2: Stl Files

Download stl files from the below provided link. Print all the files.

Step 3: Preparing 3D Printed Files

    Insert Nut and Bolt according to the images and apply 2 compound epoxy adhesive.

    Step 4: PVC - 1 (Inner)

      Drill holes according to the images.

      Step 5: PVC-2 (Outer)

      • Cut 5.5mm width slot of length of 150mm .
      • Insert inner pvc into outer pvc.
      • Insert PVC-2 to the 3d printed base and apply 2 Compound adhesive.

      Step 6: Preparing Exam Pad

        Drill holes and screw 3d printed files accordingly. Apply 2 Compound adhesive.

        Step 7: Final


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