Introduction: 3D Printed PC Speakers

I had some spare speakers around the house from a previous project, so I decided to make some simple 3D printed speakers.

- The sound quality was not very important to me, it was simply made as a fun project I know it can definitely be improved and I have some plans for different speaker design that I plan on making in the near future.

Step 1: The Design

The design of the speaker was made in Solidworks , however the design can be made in many other CAD software's.

The STL files are also available below

Step 2: Materials

The materials needed for this project are listed below:

- 2x Small speakers

- 1x Bigger speaker (For Bass)

- 1x Control Board

- 1x Old USB Cable

- 1x 3.5 Stereo Jack to Jack cable

website link to parts (Affiliate Links):

- 2x Small speakers ( )

- 1x Bigger speaker (For Bass) ( )

- 1x Control Board ( )

- 1x USB Cable ( )

- 1x 3.5 Stereo Jack to Jack cable ( )

- 3D Printer used :

- Wood Filament:

Step 3: Clean the 3D Printed Parts

- The wood filament usually has a lot of stringing compared to a normal filament, I suggest cleaning the parts using knife after they are printed.

Step 4: Rewiring the Board

The 2 Potentiometer and the LED had to be extended as they would not fit in the 3D Printed case. This was simply done by removing them from the circuit board and extended using small wires.

Step 5: Test Everything

Make sure to test everything before you start soldering, this is very important as it will be much harder to troubleshoot problems after everything is soldered and connected.

Step 6: The Control Board

Once the casing for the control board is printed, hotglue the board to the case, I decided to use hotglue and not screws because I have 2 of the same boards but the screw holes were in different places

Step 7: Mount the Speakers

- The small speakers are mounted with 4 small screws - You may also get away with gluing these small speakers if you do not have any screws.

- The wire was passed through the lid and then the lid was glued onto the speaker case using superglue.

Step 8: Final Speakers and STL

- Here is a video and some photos of the final speakers

- It definitely could be improved a lot and I will try to make some changes when I get time but overall I was happy with the result.

STL Files are attached, if you would like to print this speaker design on your own printer