Introduction: 3D Printed Personalized Rakhi

The best way to teach people about 3D printing is help them understand the use-case for themselves & how 3D printing is going to help them being a creator rather than just a consumer. Taking this thought forward, we conceptualized & designed 3D printed personalized rakhi.

This rakshabhandan, make a 3D printed personalised rakhi for your brother. The rakhi is custom designed and printed using a digital fabrication tool - 3D Printer, which can bring alive almost all your creative objects. This time, it's time to 3D print your rakhi.

The best part of this technology is that the raw material used is Bio-degradable. You brother can keep it forever as rakhi transforms into a keychain...

Skill: Intermediate


  • 3D Printer
  • Colourful Foam sheet
  • Rakhi
  • Thread
  • Glue

Step 1: Print Your Name

Design your name in AutoCAD or you we get it from the open-source website like

You can refer to another instructable here to learn how to design it using thingiverse.

Important point is to add " < " in the beginning and " > " in the end. This will help you pass thread through the name.

Put your design in 3D printer for printing.

Step 2: Add Thread

Cut foam sheet as a base to your printed name. Paste it with the help of glue gun.

Passing the thread through the loop given on both of the sides.

Your 3D printed personalized rakhi is ready!!

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