Introduction: Easy Paper Plane Launcher

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This is a paper plane launcher that flies really far. It has a 3D printed hook that connects to a paper plane so you can launch it using a rubber band.


You will need. . .

  • 3D printer (or go to a local maker-space)
  • Tinkercad (optional)
  • Regular rubber band (about 2 inches long)
  • Size A4 printer paper
  • Large paper binder

Step 1: Fold the Plane

In order to launch a plane, you have to have a plane.

A: Get a regular A4 piece of paper. (Most printer paper.)

B: Fold the paper in half and then unfold it again.

C: Fold the top edge to the left edge and unfold it.

D: Fold the top edge to the right edge and unfold it. Now you have a cross.

E: Fold the right edge to the line you just made.

F: Fold the Left edge to the other line of the cross.

G: Fold the top down so the lines from the cross match up.

H: Fold along the lines so the plane has a point.

I: Fold the little tap up over the folds you just made.

J: Fold it in half so the folds are on the outside.

K: Fold the wings to a point

L: Make sure the edge of the wings line up with the back point of the plane.

M: It should look like the picture.

N: Lastly, pinch little taps on the back of each wing. This will make it fly upward at and angle so it won't nose-dive into the ground.

Step 2: Design the Parts

Using Tinkercad, I designed the hook. A full Instructable will be coming out on how I made it.

It took many tries and lot's of effort.

If your making your own launcher, there at least has to be a hook for the plane, a place for the rubber band, and a place for the plane to hook onto.

Step 3: 3D Print the Parts

Print the part.

Step 4: Hook Onto Plane

Slide the hook under the tab of the plane. It should fit perfectly and when you pull it forwards it should not fall out.

Add a piece of tape on the plane so the tab stays on the back of the plane. This is so when you pull back, the plane won't rip.

Step 5: Make Launcher

To make the launcher, cut the rubber band on one side and tie them onto each end of the paper binder.

Step 6: Make It Fly

Now all you have to do is place the plane hook onto the end of the rubber band.

Pull back, let go, and watch it fly!

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