Introduction: 3D Printed PolyPuzzle


Guide your way through the fully 3D printed multidimensional maze! I wanted to create something that was eye-catching, entertaining, intricate, and easy to print.

The objective is simple, get the ball from the starting point to the finish. In my color scheme, the start is the blue and the end is the purple.

Step 1: Materials and Printing

What you need

Printed parts

Straight connector x 4

Some form of adhesive (I used hot glue)

For the ball: You can 3D print one (which is quite challenging) and sand it down. I recommend finding a smooth metal, glass, or plastic marble to use. The parts can be scaled up for a larger marble my printer wasn't big enough for me to produce the parts.


No Supports

Any resolution (0.4mm was used for mine)

25% infill and up

Parts can easily be laid out on the print bed together

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly Video

Follow the video for assembly!

All the parts should snap-in and adhesive should be used for reinforcement.

Step 3: Have Fun

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

I'd really love to see my work printed out, so if you do, please share it!

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