Introduction: 3D Printed Pot Using TinkerCad

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Hello everyone,

Searching for a nice and small pot for my girl friend's succulents and failing to find one, decided to make something myself, Initially I planned to make a mold and use cement to cast, but she was much satisfied with 3D print itself and took it. So thought of sharing how easy was it to use TinkerCad.

Step 1: Materials Reqired

  • A Computer with Internet connection
  • A browser to run TinkerCad
  • A 3D printer or Service provider

Although I've a limited knowledge over 3D designing I had a little comfort with Fusion360 a friend from our Instructables community suggested TinkerCad. After spending an hour on the Tutorials I was able to design this pot in 15 minutes

Step 2: Creating the Basic Shape

This is simple.

1) On the shape generator menu find the facet sphere on the 3rd or 4th page.

2) Drag and drop into the workspace and set the radius

3) Duplicate it (Ctrl+D) push it up a little, make it a hole and set the radius little smaller than the previous one.

4) Select both the shapes and group them (Ctrl+G)

Step 3: Shaping the Top and Bottom

1) Drag and drop a cylinder (can be any shape with a flat surface) from Basic shapes.

2) Select all and align (Keyboard L) and make he two shapes aligned to the center.

3) Make the cylinder into hole and move it to the bottom

4) Select all and Group

5) Repeat 1-4 for the top

6)Export STL

Step 4: Finishing Up

A friend of mine who builds a Industrial grade 3D printers came forward to help with the printing, I printed down scaled model of diameter 11cm. Since my girlfriend was happy with the print itself all I had to do was to paint it white (Should have printed in white itself).

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