Introduction: Antislip Using Rubber Bands

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We might have our fav shoes unusable because of worn out soles and it became too slippery

Here's a fix!

You can use this over a variety of products that keeps slipping!


All you need is

  • Rubber bands
  • Super Glue

Step 1: Clean and Stick

  • Clean the shoes, make sure there is no dust in the soles
  • We'll be adding the rubber bands only on the heel and toe parts
  • Apply a drop of superglue
  • Lay a rubber band over it before it dries
  • Apply some more superglue around the rubber band

**** Make sure you don't apply it one the upper surface of the rubber band, this will reduce the grip till the layer of superglue wears out ****

Step 2: Finishing Up

Fill the toe and heel areas.

Repeat same for the another shoe you are done.

Step 3: What Else?

You can use the same to add grips to coasters, mouse pads, floor mats, mobile case, speakers and even laptops!!!

Another way to do it is to use shredded rubber bands!

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