Introduction: 3D Printed Pyramid Christmas Tree

For this 3D printed Christmas tree, you will need TinkerCAD (or a similar program), a 3D printer (I used an Ender-3), and a smile! We will make little pyramid shapes stacked up in a Christmas tree shape. This project is easy/medium in difficulty and shouldn't take SUPER long to 3D print. It is sure to bring joy to everyone's faces when they see your 3D Christmas tree!

Well, let's get to it!


  1. TinkerCAD (or similar)
  2. 3D Printer
  3. Open mind

Step 1: Bring a Pyramid Onto the Workplane

  1. Select the pyramid shape and drag it onto the workplane
  2. Change the measurements so that the pyramid it 65 mm³.
  3. Optional: you can make the pyramid green to make it look more like a Christmas tree.

Step 2: Duplicate the Pyramid

Since this Christmas tree will be multiple layers, we need to duplicate the pyramid.

  1. Select the pyramid
    1. Make another one:
      1. Copy and paste
      2. Duplicate button

Step 3: Change the Measurements of the Duplicated Pyramid

This pyramid will progressively get smaller all the way up (just like a Christmas tree). I've found that a 10mm³ change works just fine.

  1. Select the second pyramid and change its dimensions to 55x55x55 mm.
  2. We will now arrange them and begin building the tree!

Step 4: Hollow Out the Pyramid

In order for this pyramid to form a tree, it needs to be hollowed out. This will allow them to stack up.

  1. Duplicate the smaller pyramid
  2. Turn the duplicate into a hole
  3. Select both the small pyramid and the hole
  4. Using the align tool, center them both inside of each other
  5. Select both shapes and group them to create one shape
  6. You can turn the now grouped shapes overt and check if it is hollowed out

Step 5: Raise the Smaller Pyramid

To create the Christmas tree effect, raise the smaller, hollow pyramid into the air to be stacked on the other one.

  1. Raise the small pyramid 17mm in the air

Step 6: Center and Align the Two Pyramids

  1. Select both objects
  2. Using the align tool, center the x and y axes
  3. Now, duplicate the pyramid on the top to make the next layer
  4. Finally, you can group the first two pyramids into one object

Step 7: Raise Align the Third Pyramid

  1. Raise the third pyramid 32mm off the workplane
  2. Using the align tool, center the x and y axes with the bottom two pyramids

Step 8: Fourth and Final Pyramid

  1. Duplicate the top pyramid and make it 37mm x 37mm x 37mm
  2. Raise it 45mm off the workplane
  3. Group all of the pyramids
  4. You have a tree!

Step 9: Top It With a Star

  1. Bring a star onto the workplane
  2. Turn it 90° on the y axis
  3. Turn it -22.5° on the x axis
  4. Raise the star 72mm off the workplane
  5. Center and align the star with the tree and admire your work!

Step 10: Print It!

If you'd like, you can 3D print your tree. As per my settings in Cura, it should only take about 5 hours.

Happy Holidays!!

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