Introduction: 3D Printed Snowman in a Bauble,

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I live in a part of the world that never sees snow, but I've always loved the idea of building the traditional snowman, using sticks for arms and coal for the features, this 3D printable snowman is made with that same idea in mind.

The body, hat and base are all printed, while the arms, face, buttons and scarf are made from bits and pieces that you collect yourself.

I think it would make a great gift for the crafty person, provided with all of the required elements, including perhaps the glue and tweezers, in a pretty bag or box.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Printed Parts (Get files here)

  • Hat
  • Torso
  • Floor

Other Parts

  • Clear Bauble (mine was 76mm)
  • Sticks
  • Tiny Black Stones
  • Snippet of red/orange filament
  • Ribbon
  • Craft knife
  • Super Glue

Step 2: Printing

The default scale is for a bauble with an inside diameter of 76mm, if yours is Xmm use the following formula to adjust you print

Scale (%) = 100*X/76

You can see the print orientation in the attached images, all parts print without support.

I printed the white parts in PLA on the Sindoh DP200 and the black hat in Formfutura ABS on the CEL Robox Dual.

Step 3: Nose Job

Cut a snippet of filament (I used red ABS) and trim to a point with a craft knife.

Insert, and glue if needed, into the nose hole.

You could also use a toothpick tip, painted orange.

Step 4: Hat

After checking that the hat fits in place perfectly, glue it there with a drop of super glue.

Step 5: Stony Expression

This is the fun bit! Put tiny drops of superglue where you want to put the stones as facial features and buttons, then place the stones using tweezers.

You could also use tiny beads or perhaps seeds etc, use your imagination to bring it to life!

Step 6: Stick 'em Up

Insert sticks as arms, I was careful to find ones with splits on the end to indicate fingers, and a bend for one elbow.

These can be glued in if needed.

Step 7: Apparel

I chose to add a scarf to my little guy, but you could also give him a hatband with the ribbon, or something else entirely, have fun with it!

Step 8: Locked Up

Finally, glue the snowman to the base with a drop of glue, and place the whole shebang inside the bauble.

Mine clipped together tightly, so I didn't glue it, but I did ad a ribbon, so that it can be hung up.

And that's it. If you make one please be sure to share pictures on here or myminifactory!

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