Introduction: 3D Printed Watch Stand

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3D printed watch stand

This is a Watch stand.

Recently, I bought a watch. Therefore, I made a stand for a watch.

I will explain how to make it.

I am challenging to paint rust.

Step 1: Design.

I decide the design considering various things.

Create data with CAD.

Step 2: The Watch Stand to 3D Printing.

Please obtain 3D data from the following site.

Please see the site for setting for printing. ABS is recommended for material.

The disk-shaped part is to prevent warping.

Step 3: Fastening With Glue.

Adhere each part.

Adhesives for ABS should be mixed with ABS and acetone.

Step 4: Coloring.

Apply silver to the base.

Next, add rust color with acrylic paint.

Apply paint to the sponge.

Apply to hit the sponge.

Step 5: Scratch Prevention.

To prevent scratches, paste the felt.

Cut the felt into a suitable size with scissors.

Paste it on the top.


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