3D Printed Wind Turbine

Introduction: 3D Printed Wind Turbine

The bike dynamo Wind Turbine (Shimano Capreo DH-F703 6v 3.0w Dynamo QR Front Hub)

So I wanted some more power :) and took my previous design and incorporated the 6v 3.0w bike dynamo made the blades a bit bigger, add some weight to them by putting a 6 mm filleted rod true them, this gives extra weight so the blades can turn the dynamo. Smooth the blades a bit more, the housing is the same size as the previous version, just extended the tail section.

Print layer hight 0.2, PLA print. Blades and tail parts need a slow print and high fan setting also a temp of 200 C. Used 15% infill, 0.7 shell, 0.6 top/bottom on all parts, 210 C for the bigger parts !!!! when printing file (wind t h mid v2 m) you need to pause the print to put in the 3 M5 nuts in.
The upgrade V4 I'v printed all parts in PLA, the blade and cone parts at 0.2 layer hight with 0.7 shell thickness, 0.6 top/bottom thicknessprint all blade parts and the cone 3 times. Housing 0.3 ayer hight with 0.7 shell thickness 0.9 top/bottom thickness.Used 3 x 16mm aluminium tube for extending the tail section, 350mm length each.


Step 1: Assembly of Rotor

You need:

>3x 5x60 Machine screw and M5 nuts

>3x 5x80 Machine screw and M5 nuts

>M6 filleted rod like 3x50cm

>Loctite super glue for the blades

Step 2: Assembly of the Tail Section

You need:

>2 x bearings inside diameter 10 mm/26 mm outer -

>6x 5x40 Machine screw and M5 nuts, M10 filleted rod like 50cm

>16mm dia. aluminium tube 3x35cm

>3x M6 nuts

>4x M10 nuts

>2x M10 washer (bigger than the bearing outer diameter use this and the rod to press the bearings into place it is quite a snug fit)

Step 3: Testing

On the test run max output measured 15v.(some parts are different on the video, pictures than the stl file, the ones uploaded are the latest version,could not reprint having some printer issues z motor controller :( ) added a ring collector to the "wind_t_h_front_V4" and reinforced it, could not test and finish because of the issue it still does the same job without the collectors. Further on the hollow body will incorporate a charging unit and a rectifier(further research needed) to be able to use it as a usb charger, plus a universal connection for other applications.

Step 4:

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    3 years ago

    How many amps were you getting? Also beautiful design!


    4 years ago

    I've always admired homemade wind turbines. Great job!


    Reply 4 years ago