Introduction: 3D Printed Xiaomi FPV Camera Saver [ExoYi]

Hello guys, for this Instructable I'm going to show you my 3d printable Xiaomi Yi Case

"I broke my GoPro so I went out to buy a Xiaomi Yi and some TPU filament for this instructable so those votes can really help and make me happy"

If you look at my previous builds you will see a few drones that can hold GoPros and other action cameras,but the thing is putting an action camera while racing a drone is not really a good idea. Racing those fast drones can destroy your action cam with just one mistake, imagine a drone going 45-80mph and hitting a pole. The results will make you cry as you pick up your quad seeing a broken GoPro, a few broken parts on the quad. And to think that the GoPro itself is more expensive than building a drone. In my search to look for a solution I tried to google the answer, I ended up seeing a lot of good reviews about this GoPro ExoPro by Hovership. At that point, I asked dozens of our fellow FPV pilots around the world about their personal review and it's good to say that it does protect your action cam. But there were still some cases you will end up breaking a lens so another solution is buying a cheap UV lens protector for the GoPro.

In this instructable, I used Fusion 360 to 3d model my Xiaomi Yi and the case. So the idea of this case is not original, its been here for a long time already and has proven to save your gopro in case of a crash,

The FUSION 360 and STL files can be found in the 3rd step to ensure that you guys read the steps of how I designed and printed this case.

So here's the original design

The design is pretty simple they used a flexible material "TPU" to absorb the impact and those "fins" on the sides to better absorb the impact.

Step 1: Fusion 360 Yi Cam

First it was all about getting the 3D model right

This is actually my 2nd 3D model in Fusion 360 and so far I really like the interface. Even a no brainer can probably find his way to make simple solid object.

Anyhow I found these dimensions online and tried to compare it with my actual Xiami Yi, I have to say it is precise the image is just missing one thing which is the length "60.70mm" so take note of that guys.

Step 2: Fusion 360 Yi Case

I actually encountered a problem with modeling the case at first,because I would usually 3d model the object that I will accessorize and lay down the sketches of the object and later extrude the surfaces to form a solid object. In my case, I was not easily able to do that because I'm used to sketchup and solidworks, so I explored the functions and I was finally able to get it right.

Basically inside a new design I saved it first and then imported "dragged" the Yi 3d model, clicked on the assemble button "new component" selected the object and started sketching my way up.

You will notice that there is a wall on the left side of the case. This wall is actually a stopper that keeps the Velco strap in place, it also keepd the cam away from slipping the other way in case of a crash, you can also say that wall also plays a big role in absorbing impact as it may hit something on its face and it will felx a little bit therefore absorbing the impact. "Correct me if I'm wrong i'm no physicist"

Step 3: 3D Printing and Fusion 360 Files

I printed mine in TPU

15% infill using ABS profile in S3D

layer width must be increased depends on your printer I set mine to .42

Print speed 25mm/s

2 shells/perimeters

Support on

I uploaded the STL files.

Step 4: R.I.P GoPro

This is the depressing part when you fly recklessly without putting protection......

Step 5: Fly Safely!

The action camera is not 100% fully protected. You may need to add a proprietary UV lens protector which should fit the 3d printed ExoYi case

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