Introduction: 3D Printer Enclosure From Old Network Server

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One of my friends kept this steel network server box for me, as his workplace were throwing it out...I didn't know what I was going to use it for at the time, but it turned out my 3D printer fits perfectly inside, so reusing the server as an enclosure seems right.

Tools used:

Electric drill

8mm steel drill bit

Jigsaw – steel cutting blade

Allen keys


Masking tape

Permanent marker

Cost of project:

Server box: Free

Spray paint: €15

5050 RGB LED’s: €17,

LED Connector: €7

Plastic sheeting: €5 (left over from previous project)

MDF sheet: €5 (left over from previous project)

Total: €49

Step 1: Drill Holes and Prep.

I decided I wanted the LCD screen and functional buttons of the printer outside the enclosure, I used masking tape and a permanent marker to trace the location of the screen and the buttons. I placed the tape on the side of the server and used it as a template to drill and cut the holes.

Step 2: Painting

I removed the glass door and used masking tape and cardboard in places to prevent and spray paint getting into the inside of the box. I decided on black spray paint on the outside and wanted to keep the inside as it is.

Step 3: Install LED Lights

I quickly realized I could not bend the LED strip to create rows of the LED's without cutting the strip. I cut the LED strip into 16" length's. I decided to use these LED connector's I found on Amazon, way easier than soldering I thought. The connector's are flexible and once I hot glued the LED strips down, I made the connections using the strip's. As I way using the water resistant LED strips I had to peel off the end of the insulation. When I glued the strips down to the board, I turned each other strip upside down, to allow the for the connections to be inline.

Step 4: Final Assembly

I installed a section of clear plastic on the side wall and spray painted a square sheet of wood for a back panel. I cut out the LCD display section using a steel blade and a jigsaw.

Step 5: Complete Enclosure With Printer Installed

I installed the LCD display form the 3D printer in the slot I created in the side wall, I then installed the printer, which just fits...

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