Introduction: 3D Printer Management

About: I am a mechatronics teacher. I teach everything that has to do with electrical engineering.

ROC de Leijgraaf is a secondary technical college. For our mechatronics education, we use a workshop with a laser cutter and 3D printers and traditional machines. In order to keep an overview of who is working with the 3D printers, we have developed a system to keep track of this.

After the last lessons, the cabinet with 3D pritners is locked. That way nobody else can.


-3D printers (or other machines where it is necessary to keep track of who is working on it)

We have: -2x Creality Ender 3

-1x Anet A3

Step 1: Registration List

There is a registration list with each printer. students can operate the 3D printers themselves (after having been instructed). All they have to do is enter their name, start time and printing time. If printing takes longer than 6 hours, they must request permission from their teacher.

The registration list is made on A4 size paper and then laminated so that they can write on it with a whiteboard marker. A whiteboard marker is attached to a cord with each frame.

It also says on this list that if they break something, they should immediately report this to their teacher.

Step 2: Projects Made by the Students

Students of mechatronics have to make 3D drawings for mechanical engineering in Inventor. They also need these skills in projects such as designing a marble court. They also benefit greatly from this in business after their studies.