Introduction: 3D Printing: Tinkercad

The first step to 3D printing is to create your design in an STL file. Tinkercad is a simple, free software where you can accomplish this. Today, this demo will demonstrate how to use the Workplane tool. This demo is for Tinkers that are just getting started and who might not be aware of all of Tinkercads tools.

Step 1: Tinkercad

Tinkercad is a simple website that we can use to make our 3D designs and today I am going to demo a tool in the software that personally made my design making process much simpler! In the image above you can see I have the website open, and on my profile.

Step 2:

For this demo we are just going to use one of my designs I have already started.

Step 3:

Lets open up my functional bee jar!

Step 4:

This is what your work screen will look like. You have your working plane in the center and your control bar to the right of screen.

Step 5:

In your control bar under "Helpers", you will see the Workplane tool pictured as a grid. This is the tool we will be talking about today.

Step 6:

You can see my hexagon shaped jar has six vertical sides. You can see I already have smaller hexagon shapes around the exterior of the jar. Lets try and add another, keeping the workplane where is.

Step 7:

This is working in the software without changing the workplane. HARD!

Step 8:

Now lets try using the workplane tool.

Step 9:

Here we are working by changing the workplane, and you can see how much simpler it can be.

Step 10:

I hope you learned how the workplane tool work in this demo today and will utilize it when making your own designs. The workplane tool is only one of many in the Tinkercad software. I hope you keep experimenting with the software and make some cool stuff!