Introduction: 3D Prints With Mojo

This will be a step by step guide to print with the Mojo.

Step 1: Find a Stl File

There are many websites to find a stl file.

^ This website has a search engine for Printable 3D Models

^ This website has an explore page for the newest, featured and most popular 3D Models, along with other things.

Step 2: Download and Open Your File in Mojo Slicer

Click on the Mojo Slicer application and it will then prompt you to open your Stl. file. Find your file and open it.

Step 3: Slice Your 3D File

Orient your file to the most suitable side. Keep in mind the Mojo printer prints layer by layer from bottom to top. To abide by the laws of gravity, we would want to orient our object to have a stable base so that the Mojo could print layer by layer accurately. So orient your part wisely. Then press print. This does not print the object immediately, but it instead sends it to be processed and sliced to be prepared to print.

Step 4: Prepare Your Print Platfrom

Grab one black platform that is clean of any debris from any previous prints. If there is debris on your platform, clean it off with tweezers or a scraper tool.

Next, apply a thin layer of glue-stick on your platform. This creates a glue skin layer between the platform and your print, which prevents your print from sticking to the platform.

Lastly, open the Mojo's window and place your glue-skinned platform onto the mojo's metal platform. Align the holes then push the platform forward until it snaps in place. Then close the Mojo's window. The platform is now ready to be printed on.

Step 5: Print Your File

Now that the physical components are set up, we can finally print the file.

Open the Mojo control panel (green circle, mojo icon to the right) and then select your object under "Select part". Since you have sliced your object prior, the processed object will be in the Mojo control panel database.

Make sure the "Remaining model material" and the "Remaining support material" have sufficient amounts in comparison to your object's size.

Press print. An estimated completion time will prompt you.

Step 6: Clean Your Print

After your print is finished, your object will be a composition of plastic material and white soluble support. To melt away this support, we want to place the entire print in the Wave Wash. The Wave Wash is a hot bath that removes support material from models' intricate parts.

Pop your 3D printed piece off its modeling base and drop it into Wave Wash, where a combination of the right temperature and agitation will simply dissolve the supports away. Then, turn the Wave Wash on via the on button and close the lid. After about a couple hours, depending on the size of your part, the support will be dissolved leaving your print clean.