Introduction: 3D Snowflake


This great 3D Snowflake can be used to decorate any winter festive scene. Make and ENJOY!


All you will need is:

6 sheets A4 paper (min)



Step 1:

Start with an A4 sheet of paper laid out is a landscape form and the top corner down so the top edge meets parallel to the edge. Now cut off the bottom section of paper to form a lone triangle or unfolded square.

Step 2:

Now fold your triangle in half so it forms a smaller triangle and rotate it so the folded seam is on your left side.

Step 3:

Now take your scissors and cut three slits on the hypotenuse edge. Proceed to open the cut and folded triangle out into a square.

Step 4:

With your unfolded square take the two middle sections and fold them round, staple them together to form a loop. Flip it over and proceed to staple the next two pieces together. Continue flipping and stapling the pieces until all are complete. The finished product should look somewhat like this. Repeat this process five times until you have 6 sections.

Step 5:

Take three of your sections and staple them together at the tip repeat with the other three, I do them separately in threes to get more accuracy, (if you would like you can staple all six together and let them fan out). Now take the two three part sections and staple the ends together. Pull the sides each section together and staple them all this holds the snowflake together when hung.

Step 6:

Your snowflake is now complete if you would like you can hole punch the top of one of the sections and string it, so you can hang it from the ceiling. Enjoy.