Introduction: 3D Spongebob Cake

This 3D spongebob cake was very difficult to create standing up.

I baked 6 6" vanilla cakes and cut them to be  4"x6" cakes. I then stacked the first three with stiff buttercream. I then had to insert a section of foam core as you need to add support to your cakes above 4" tall. I inserted doweling x6 in the bottom three cakes cut to the height of them and added the foam cor on top covered in saran wrap. I then added the last 3 cakes. This time I added 2 sharpened dowels the height of the entire cake and hammered them in through the top of the cake until they came in contact with the very bottom cake board. If you dont do this your cake will wobble and fall over. At that point i took a serrated knife and began cutting a rectangle that was wider on the topp than the bottom from the front view. I made sure to cut my foam core a bit smaller so that i would not cut into it when carving.  I then created a crumb coat (a thin layer of icing to seal in the cake crumbs) using stiff buttercream. For this cake I used fondant panelling in the yellow sponge color. Makre sure to let your buttercream coating sit and harden to give a good solid base for your fondant. Also a goot ip is to use a spray bottle with water and spray a light mist of water onto your buttercream coat to allow some glue for the fondant to stick to.

I then added ribbon strips of colored fondant in brown for his pant color then white above that for his shirt. In red fondant I cut out his tie and attached with the best glue, Vodka. For the detailing like the eyes, the dimples, the teeth, the arms of his shirt, his arms, the darker sponge spots, and his nose were made out of fondant. It is best to print a picture of spongebob as a reference point.

The nose and legs were also attached with toothpicks to provide a little more support.

I then (using a number 1 tip) used black royal icing and outlined alot of his feature and the details to give him more impact.

The cupcake toppers are made out of fondant circles with fondant numbers on top that I let dry for 2 days before adding to the cupcake tops. The characters you see  by spongebob and on the cupcakes are made using royal icing transfers. I accomplish this by printing of photos from the intrnet of the characters i want, covering them in wax paper, then piping over them in their respective colors with royal icing. I then let them dry for a good 24 hours. Once they are dry they peel off very easily off of the was paper and you can then add them to your design.

The cupcake stand I also made using foam core, cake dummies, wrapping paper, and a hot glue gun.

Happy cake making from Decadence Cakes!