Introduction: 3D TicTacToe How To

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This exercise is proposed by NOD Makerspace as an exercise included in the Makers for Inclusion Erasmus Plus project.

The exercise draws inspiration from here: but it has been tweaked to suit the project's target audience and equipment available in Romania.

The exercise consists of a simple tic tac toe game with a twist: 3 dimensions!

This exercise gives children a chance to learn how to use workshop equipment and gives them an extra game to play.

Please make sure you are working in a space suitable for minors, with all safety precautions in place.


  • wood plank
  • dowel rods
  • wooden blocks (or beads)- or anything that can fit through the dowel rods
  • drill press (or handheld drill) + drill bits
  • saw (hand or power)

Step 1: Choose Your Materials to Fit Your Design

Start by thinking about your design.

The materials you choose have to be able to work and fit together.

For our exercise, we started with the size of our dowel rods.

We then found a drill bit big enough to drill a hole in the wooden plank big enough for the rods to fit in snug.

Then we found a object that would fit nicely into the rods, in our case, we had some hex nuts around the workshop that did the job.

Make sure the grid you draw is wide enough so that the pieces fit next to each other and not overlap when you play the game.

Step 2: Gather the Materials

For the base we are using a piece of scrap plywood but any old wood piece will do the trick

You will need:

  • saw to cut it with
  • ruler and pen to trace the grid with
  • drill bit to help drill the hole (this can be done with more than one device, your workshop supervisor will help you choose what to use
  • glue to help set the dowels in place if they are a bit lose or a hammer to hammer them like nails if the fit is very snug

For the dowels you will need a saw to cut them the same length (make sure they are long enough to fit all the elements you'll be placing through them. In our case, we made sure they are tall enough so that 3 of our hex nuts can be stacked)

Step 3: Trace and Cut the Wooden Base

Choose a material that is straight and sturdy.

Use a ruler to trace a 4/4 grid.

Make sure thy are spaced so that the game pieces can fit together ncely

Step 4: Cut the Dowl Rods

Make sure the dowl rods are long enough, aim to keep them the same lengh

Step 5: Drill the Holes and Set the Rods in Place

Step 6: Paint the Nuts

Step 7: Play the Game

Step 8: