Introduction: 3D Butterfly Picture

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This is a nice, simple way to add decoration to a room, or make a quick gift for someone, with very little hanging around!


A background - I've used a canvas that I had hanging around, but you could use any piece of stiff board, MDF, or similar
Paint brush

Step 1: Prepare the Background

Depending on how artistic you are, depends on what you can do with your background. Me, I can't draw/paint, so my background is flat blue - on an adventurous day, I might add white streaks for some clouds...........

Get the background painted, and pop to one side to dry off.

Step 2: Make the Butterflies

Going back to me "I can't draw" problem, I got round this by hunting for images on google, restricting my search to line drawings, and resizing them to suit my project... I forgot to save the files I used, but there's plenty of nice images on this link

Once I'd got my sheet of templates printed, I drew round them on coloured card, and cut them all out.

To give the 3D effect, I folded the wings along the edge of the body, leaving the body flat.

Step 3: Get Sticking

Before I stuck my butterflies down, I arranged them a few different times on paper, to see how I wanted them. Once I was happy, I transferred them one at a time to the proper canvas, putting a stripe of glue down the body of the butterfly, and leaving the wings folded up.

Once it's all dried, either find a nice big bag to gift it in (I wouldn't recommend wrapping - you'll squish the butterflies!), or find a bit of wall to hang it on... It'll look best somewhere that sees a bit of light, so that you get shadowing around the wings.


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