3D Printed Quick Change Toilet Paper Holder

Introduction: 3D Printed Quick Change Toilet Paper Holder

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A 3D printed toilet paper holder that is easy to refill. Simply push a roll of toilet paper from underneath to replace the roll.

The files are found here.

And a quick demonstration:

To make this, you need:
  • The printed parts: 1x lid, 1x left side, 1x right side and 2 holders;
  • 2x M4 30mm+ screws to secure the holders;
  • 1x 4mm 130mm axle to hold the lid in place;
  • Glue, to glue both sides together;
mount the holders in either side by inserting them in the slots and securing them with a M4 screw inserted at the back. The screw taps in the plastic on the front side of the slot, so be careful with drilling the holes. The holders are slightly asymmetrical, the thicker side needs to go on the outside so they will naturally fall outward.

Mount the axle in the lid, then mount the lid between both sides. Glue both sides together when everything fits nicely. After this, you can mount the toilet paper holder to the wall of your bathroom.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    That is very cool. to reduce the part count can you make the Left and Right side mirror images so then you only need to print two of the same thing?

    Very nice design! Some of those toilet paper holders really are a pain to change out and, really, who wants to spend extra time in the bathroom fighting with the toilet paper holder :)