3d Printed Chicken Feeder

Introduction: 3d Printed Chicken Feeder

This is my 3d printed chicken feeder design, it mounts on to standard 100mm PVC pipe and holds up to 5 days of food for my 6 hens.

Step 1: The Feeder Design

This is the model that I produced using TinkerCad. The idea is to allow the chickens access to a limited amount of food at one time so as to reduce waste.

The design is available on Tinkercad

Step 2:

Printed in PLA+, it took in the about of 15 hours using the following settings:

- 0.2 resolution

- 15% infill

The print files and settings can be viewed and downloaded on Thingiverse

Step 3: Assembly

Cut a piece of 100mm PVC pipe to the required length, I made mine 60cm long to allow for it to be hung under the hen house.

Insert the pipe into the printed feeder part. Drill pilot holes for the 4 screws and screw in place. Drill 2 holes at the opposite end to accept the wire or string for hanging the feeder.

Step 4: The Hens Using the Feeder

This feeder is made to be hung in a place where it is protected from to rain. My chicken house is raised 1.4 meters off the ground, so I can hang the feeder underneath.

Positioning it under the chicken house also has the advantage of deterring wild birds from โ€˜stealingโ€™ the chickens food.

Visit my website at My Project Corner for more detail

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    1 year ago

    The chickens in the video look like they donโ€™t like to share the food.

    Simon Culverhouse
    Simon Culverhouse

    Reply 1 year ago

    That's the 'pecking order' in practice.