Introduction: 3d Printed Chicken Feeder

This is my 3d printed chicken feeder design, it mounts on to standard 100mm PVC pipe and holds up to 5 days of food for my 6 hens.

Step 1: The Feeder Design

This is the model that I produced using TinkerCad. The idea is to allow the chickens access to a limited amount of food at one time so as to reduce waste.

The design is available on Tinkercad

Step 2:

Printed in PLA+, it took in the about of 15 hours using the following settings:

- 0.2 resolution

- 15% infill

The print files and settings can be viewed and downloaded on Thingiverse

Step 3: Assembly

Cut a piece of 100mm PVC pipe to the required length, I made mine 60cm long to allow for it to be hung under the hen house.

Insert the pipe into the printed feeder part. Drill pilot holes for the 4 screws and screw in place. Drill 2 holes at the opposite end to accept the wire or string for hanging the feeder.

Step 4: The Hens Using the Feeder

This feeder is made to be hung in a place where it is protected from to rain. My chicken house is raised 1.4 meters off the ground, so I can hang the feeder underneath.

Positioning it under the chicken house also has the advantage of deterring wild birds from ‘stealing’ the chickens food.

Visit my website at My Project Corner for more detail