Introduction: LAYERBLOCKS 3d Printed Puzzles With Your Colors!

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This is LAYERBLOCKS, 3d printable puzzles, for you to download, print and play! You will make your own pieces, choosing colors and sizes. On this Instructable we will be making print stops so you can design puzzles with your filament colors, super easy to print and came directly out of the printer.


  • 3d Printer: Standard FDM printer with only one extruder.
  • Filaments: Combination of 2 or 3 different colors is the way to go!
  • Software: Free slicer to customize and pre-visualize your prints. We recommend Prusa Slic3r.

Step 1: Downloading .sTL Files

For downloading the .stl you have to enter to our new website!

go to the FREE-STL DOWNLOAD to get the link for the free sample

to make this 4x4 SMOOTH PATTERN.

Step 2: Choose Your Puzzle + Sizes

Download the Prusa Slicer to get started with this. It's a free sowftware, you can find the latest version online.

Now we just have to import the .stl 4x4 Smooth Puzzle and the fun begins! Choose the number of pieces.

Here you can leave the 4x4 puzzle or you can SPLIT the .stl to print less parts, making it more easier, like 3x3.

You also can adjust the size of the pieces. Leave the LOCK, to mantain equal X=Y dimensions, once you have edited that, you can UNLOCK to change the height. (Z scale)

More hard puzzles are coming soon for you to download!

Step 3: Adjust Slicer Settings

Now we have to slice the object into Layers. But here you have to make some minor configuration changes to your Print Settings.The Filament and Printer Settings, you can use yours. Go to Print Settings and modifiy this:

Layers & Perimeters:Vertical perimeters 2, Top layers 3, Bottom layers 2.

*Layer Heights is OK to use yours, it depends on your diameter noozle.

Infill: You can use between 10% and 20%, but the most important thing to modifiy is

Top Fill Pattern: Concentric. We have set the correct parameters to print your LAYERBLOCKS.

Step 4: Adding Print-Stops

Now the fun begins! This is the Layering technique. All of our 3d surfaces are designed to easily change when you make print-stops. Each change of filament colors make the pattern look different. Here you are the designer!

On the Screen you have a vertical bar to the right to locate the Layer to Stop. The Slicer will automatically change the color of the print preview, but you can change it. Just right clic on the color bars and pick similar colors to your available filaments. You can spend hours changing colors & stops. When the final design is ready, Slice it again to make a new gcode file with the additional "M600" stop lines. This is a Marlyn 2.0 way to stop the printer in that Layer for you to change the filament color.

Step 5: Understanding the Pattern Change Concept

LAYERBLOCKS is all about customization. As you can see, you can make from one puzzle, a lot of variations. The changes are: Number of Pieces, Sizes, Pattern Design and Colors. Our goal is to have Puzzle & Panel makers all over the world, making their own desings.

Every LAYERBLOCKS will be unique, you can take the Layering technique as far as you want and make tons of puzzles. Here in the Images you can see some variations of the same puzzle! Imagine If you got access to a library of differents patterns to customize! New LAYERBLOCKS are coming soon!

Step 6: Printing Your Puzzle

Now all we have to do is print! The gcode will automatically stop at each layer that we have put the M600.

If the printer doesn't stop, that means you have to do it with manual pauses into the gcode. We will make a video tutorial guiding trought all that process.

Step 7: Making a Container (extra)

Now that you have your puzzle.. You can make a container to put it all togheter and easily display it as a Design Object.

What we wanted mostly of LAYERBLOCKS when we design them was to make 3d Sculptures to be displayed as decoration on your shelve or coffee table.

Here you can download an .stl of the container box. You can scale the print with the same % of the puzzle. Use the box to have an easier assembling experience, and leave it like this for display. Vertical looks awesome!

Step 8: First Play

The puzzle came out directly of the printer, as you can see It's assembled! Now...

Shuffle the pieces and start playing! 4x4 is quite challenging. But WAIT!! Check the last step!

Step 9: Check This! More Designs NOW ON MYMINIFACTORY

This Instructable is just a sneak peek of what is possible!


For makers, Puzzlers and not puzzle lovers too!

If you want to know more about the project, check our BEHANCE PUBLICATION !!


Now that you have made it, Upload a photo of your make, here on Instructables and Instagram too! JOIN THE LAYERBLOCKS COMMUNITY!


We would love to hear your thoughts on the making experience on the comments below ;)

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