Introduction: 3d Printed Table

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a table and some chairs. Its simple and fun for kids that have dolls and figurines and want a table to have a tea party or if you're into modeling and you need a table this is the right tutorial for you or maybe you're just wanting to do something new.

Step 1: Table Leg

You are going to want to create a leg in a cad software. I like to use tinker cad for this because it's simple and free. You're going to start out with a square on your work plane. You are going to decrease the width and length to 4 millimeters by 3 millimeters. Next you will set the height to 20 millimeters and if you wish you can change the color of the leg. For the final step you will duplicate it three more times to get a total of four legs, once you have your legs place them in a rectangle shape with a space of 13.74 millimeters for the width and 36.2 millimeters for the length.

Step 2: Table Top

Start with the square again and make its width 19.72 millimeters and 43.11 millimeters for the length. Next make the height 3 millimeters, now your going to move it up onto the top of the legs. To do this just use the black arrow that shows up above the selected part and lift the table 20 millimeters up. Once that is done aline the table and the legs to each other.

Step 3: Chair Legs

Again start with the square block and shrink it down so that the width is one millimeter and the length is also one millimeter. Then set the height to 13.02 millimeters. Once you have this all done duplicate it 3 more times for a total of 4 legs, and again you can change the color of the object to what ever you would like. Then once this is done aline them in a square shape with 7.29 millimeters for the width and 7.6 millimeters for the length.

Step 4: Seat of the Chair

For this all always you start with the square and you set the width for 9.41 millimeters and the length is 9.8 millimeters. The height is 3 millimeters, then raise up the seat up 13 millimeters and align it on top the legs.

Step 5: Back of the Chair Part 1

Start out with the square and change the detentions to .5 millimeters for the width and .5 millimeters for the length. The height is 5 millimeters. Lift the bar up 15 millimeters and arrange it so it matches the corner of the seat. Duplicate this 5 more times for a total of six bars then arrange them with equal spacing between them.

Step 6: Final Piece of the Chair

get a square and change the width to .5 millimeters and the length to 9.66 millimeters the height will be changed to 5 millimeters. Lift the piece up 20 millimeters and aline it with the bars on the chair. Then highlight the whole chair with the left side of your mouse to group all the pieces together, then duplicate the chair 3 more times for a total of four chairs. Now you can arrange them around your table by grouping them and rotating them with the rotate icon that appears when a model is selected. If you do plan on printing this you may want to scale it up because some of the pieces are so small and will be extremely fragile.

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