Introduction: 3d Printed Yogurt Bites

About: My name is Luis, I am from Barcelona and for the last years I've developed a curious obsession merging food and rapid prototyping. To have a unique and customized eating experience.

At 3DigitalCooks we are obsessed with creating new 3d printed bites. For this one I wanted to explore our new dots printing technique to create a fresh, delicious and healthy 3d printed bite.

The idea came up after a legendary cooking class from Sherry at Pier9. Thanks a lot! That's why I name this recipe "The Sherry".

The main idea behind this recipe is to use cucumber slices as a small serving and edible dishes for the printed yogurt.

Step 1: Printing on Top of the Cucumber

The main two ingredients for the Sherry are:

  • Greek yoghurt
  • Cucumber

The cucumber slice is between 4 to 5mm. It is refreshing and crunchy. The yoghurt is printed on top using Pinya3 and this design app (learn more about the technique here).

Step 2: Testing Visuals and Textures

Test ingredients:

  • Black sesame seeds
  • Lemon zest
  • Chilli powder
  • Vanilla extract
  • Tabasco
  • Black salt water molasses

This testing day turn out into a crazy set of ideas. All have the same two main ingredients, cucumber and yoghurt.

First test was black sesame seeds and lemon zest. Taste was nice, balance between the lemon, yoghurt and cucumber is great. But after a few prints, I started to hesitate if the high contrast between sesame seeds and the yoghurt was hiding the print.

At that point I started an uncontrolled set of food tests. Looking for a different set of visuals. I want to stress that I did not try any of the following. I just wanted to source ideas for visuals an textures.

Pictures are ordered.


This turned the feel of the Sherry directly into a dessert. Without trying it (even if Molasses are sweet). The consistency is quite thick, therefore takes longer to flow/spread.


This was my favorite. Even if I did not try it (I am planning in the next step). The way it flows through the yoghurt shape inner cavities, helps to stand out the shape.

Agave syrup

This had some black salt on top. I think it looks beautiful how the viscosity of the syrup builds a semi-transparent layer, covering the yoghurt and the cucumber, were the salt "floats".

Vanilla extract

I like how the light yellowish-brownish color lays on top of the yoghurt without masking it.

Black salt water

I dissolved Hawaiian black salt with water. That mixed did not turn black at all. So I add food colorant to test. I used a plastic pipette to drop the liquid. This had a viscosity similar to water. So was pretty runny. Using the pipette helped to dose the liquid properly without over coating.

Chilli powder

At this point my head was running in circles without a clear idea. I decided to stop with this last try. I like how the powders set on top of the yoghurt.

As a conclusion of the day. I feel there is not just one nice variation. Perhaps the Sherry might include more than 1 bite in the same dish. Next step flavor tests.

Step 3: Testing Flavours

This day was about tasting flavors and decide which ones i liked the most. I turned the test kitchen into a war zone for an evening. The outcome was great!!! Helped me to complete the Sherry experience. Not with one but with three bites!

Step 4: The Original Sherry

The first bite is the savory one.


  • Honey
  • Black sesame seeds
  • Black salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Lemon zest

Slice the cucumber. Drip some honey on the center. Print on top of the slice the yogurt pyramid. Drizzle some lemon juice on top. Sprinkle black sesame seeds. Add lemon zest. Finish with some black salt flakes. Done

The balance between the honey and the acidity of the lemon works nicely. The sesame seeds bring a little bit more of texture along the cucumber.

Step 5: Spicy Sherry

The second bite is the spicy one.


  • Tabasco
  • Dill
  • Bacon bits

Slice the cucumber. Place some bacon bits in the center. Print the yogurt pyramid. Using a pipette forced the Tabasco to flow along the pyramid "trenches". Sprinkle some dill on top. DONE.

This is probably the unexpected one. I like it a lot. Probably my favorite. I hope next time I get to try with crispy bacon bits. PI-CAN-TE!!!

Step 6: Sweet Sherry

The third and last one is the sweet one.


  • Blackberry jam
  • Mint leaves
  • Walnuts

Slice the cucumber. Spread a layer of blackberry jam on top. Place 4 pointy mint leaves on top. The jam will act as a glue, to held the leaves in place. Be creative!!! print the yogurt on top. Place some walnuts around the pyramid. DONE.

This is a sweet bite, well balanced (thanks too the Flavor bible). I think it would be perfect to finish this recipe with some edible gold on top, make it shine!

Step 7: All Together!

Hope you enjoyed this new recipe! More 3DFP adventures at 3DigitalCooks.