Introduction: 3d Printer for Less Than $100 USD!!!

The future is now!!!! You can know build your own 3D-Printer for Less Than $100 USD!!!

In this instructable I will show you how I built my 3d printer, The RepStrap.

You build a repstrap in order to build a reprap!

Step 1: Plan Your Design.

If you're planning on building a 3d Printer you've come to the right place!

Before you begin building and spending money here's what you need to know.

-It's not cheap (Even from China)

-Even though it's less than $100 USD you still have to spend some money in order for it to be a proper printer.

-It takes time

-Don't rush your work, Take your time, make it look good, and be patient your parts will come.

-Measure Twice, Cut Once.

-I cannot stress this enough to anyone building 3d printers, Measure your material carefully so that when you build it, you won't run into major problems in the future.

-Use As Many Sources As Possible.

-I kid you not, the more you look up reprap videos on Youtube, the more you will learn about how 3d printers work and are designed. I was inspired by the prusia i3 reprap 3d printer, that's where I based my design off of.

Step 2: Here's What You Need.

Here is a list of all the things that I bought in order to build my 3D printer.

General Parts:


Arduino+RAMPS 1.4;

Parts for extruder:


Aluminium Block Assembly;


Heater Cartridge;

Filament Throat;

Kapton Tape:

Basic Building Material (wood, metal, etc.)

Step 3: Start Building!

Hopefully you have a design in mind.

Once you have that design, draw it out on paper. (this will help you find out where to put everything)

Design the parts that you need for each axis (X, Y, Z, and Extruder)

Make those parts out of cardboard as a reference size to work with.

Well that's as much advice that I can Give you, so Your Welcome!

Have fun Building!!

I will have a wiring guide and arduino guide coming soon!

Step 4: Here's How Mine Functions!

Here is a Video of a square being drawn!

I am missing a few extruder parts but I will Update it when I get them.

Here is a video of It drawing Gears!