Introduction: Retractable Defense Baton

One Sunday afternoon, I was playing watch_dogs and i was just wondering if it was possible to make my own version of Aiden's Defense baton. And It was, it only took me 1 hour to build this. So lets get building.

My Baton was 6.5 Inches when collapsed and 13 inches when fully extended. I wouldn't recommend making it any smaller than this or else it wouldn't be much of a defense item.

Step one: Get 3 pipes, one smaller than the other, and make sure they fit nicely inside of each other and make sure they can slide smoothly in one another.

Step Two: Put tape on the end of the smallest pipe and slide it in the medium sized pipe, it might be hard to get it in at first so just remove a little bit of tape at a time, then do that with the medium pipe inside the largest pipe.

Step Three: Add an end cap to the smallest pipe so it can look good when collapsed. Then add a Second end cap to the last big pipe on the bottom to seal the other pipes from falling out.

Step Four: Paint The pipes if you want, I didn't because I had No paint, and on my end Brass, Galvanized Steel, and Copper, looked pretty cool so yea.

And Now You Are All Done!!!! Enjoy your new Watch_Dogs Baton.